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Rod Pattenden

Dr Rod Pattenden is an artist, art historian, and educational facilitator interested in the connection between spirituality and the arts. He has written and lectured widely on these aspects of the arts and creativity in Australia and overseas.

He was for many years the chairperson of the Blake Prize for Religious Art and a founding Director of InterPlay Australia.

He has particular strengths in the areas of the visual arts, performance skills, movement and exploring the processes of creativity. Rod has a BA Visual Arts (arts practice), M Phil (art history), M Theol (hons), PHD and a Dip Ed.

As an artist he has been involved in a wide variety of community projects including management roles, artists in residence and creative facilitation of events. He has initiated a number of community arts projects that have enhanced community building and healthy cultural diversity.

He has written widely on the arts, contributing to key publications on the work of a number of leading Australian artists as well as developing a number of innovative exhibitions and installation projects.

He has also been involved as a consultant to business and community organisations in the area of innovation, change and leadership development. He currently lives in Newcastle and is involved in Adamstown Arts, the visual and performing arts program of Adamstown Uniting Church. 

Art Projects

Cut 'InterPlay' paper banner

Paper 2004

A commission to decorate the InterPlay dance space in San Francisco – two figures intertwined with energetic grace as the paper cut process leads the eye around in ever spiralling energy.

Hill End Landscape I

Hill End Landscape II

Hill End Landscape III


Blake Prize 2011 Overview

Overview of the 2011 Blake Prize, presented by Rod Pattenden, Chair of the Blake Society


The Blake Society sponsors an innovative community arts project

High and Lofty Banner Project

An Ecclesiastical Banner Project - Parramatta September- October 2011

Improvised InterPlay Duet

Rod and Kieran's improvised InterPlay duet.

Overview of 2010 Blake Prize exhibition

Rod Pattenden provides an overview of the 2010 Blake Prize Exhibition (2011 soon to follow).

Art Writings

Macquarie University / Scan Magazine:

Other published work :

Other documents:

  • Incarnations Catalogue - A major series of six art installations at the Paddington Uniting Church curated by Rod Pattenden. Artists included Tim Johnson, My Le Thi, Noelene Lucas, John Adair, Marion Borgelt, Janet Laurence and Martin Sims.

Other Writings


  • In the Age of Terrorism.  An Artist, A Curator and a Spirituality of Hope Eremos, November 2004
  • Art and the Horizon of Meaning
    Eremos No.85, November 2003
  • In Bed with the Lights On. The Whispering of God Talk in Public Places, Eremos No.80, August 2002
  • I Love Being Lifted, August 2006
  • The Erotic Life of God, August 2004


Rod & TrishInterPlay explores the wisdom of the body through simple body movement techniques that help reconnect a sense of personal wholeness. Play, movement, expression and collaboration are key concepts explored through InterPlay techniques.

Read more about InterPlay at the InterPlay Australia website


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